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Administrative Region : Peloponnese
Regional unit : Arkadia

Moni Malevis (Μονή Μαλεβής) Arkadia

The Holy Monastery of Malevi is a historical monastery dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and belongs to the Diocese of Mantineia and Kynouria. It is located 20 km from Astros and 5 km from the village of Agios Petros, on the slopes of Mount Parnonas at an altitude of 900 meters.


The name Malevi comes from the local name of the summit of Parnon, Malevos. According to tradition, the first monastery was founded in the 8th century. in a different position from today. The first movement took place in 1320, according to a gold bullion of the emperor Andronikos II Palaiologos. A few years later, the miraculous, fragrant image of the Virgin Mary, probably the work of the Evangelist Luke, was redeemed. At the beginning of the 17th c. the monastery was in operation, since in 1609 the Turkish authorities gave permission for the demolition of a ruined church in Platanos. The second movement of the monastery took place in 1616, according to a founding inscription, by the abbot Joseph Karatzas. In the following years, Agios Nilos, the myrrh-seller (according to Nikolaos Terzakis, 5 1651), who later practiced asceticism on Mount Athos, consecrated in the monastery.

On May 8, 1786, the Turks set fire to the monastery in order to avenge their defeat by the thieves of Zacharias and the Agiopetrites thieves, most notably Thanassis Karabelas and Antonakis Alevizos. During the years of the Revolution of 1821, the abbot of the monastery, Kallinikos Tsiamouris, became a member of the Friendly Society and helped a lot as a doctor many fighters and Dimitrios Ypsilantis. In 1826, Ibrahim Pasha destroyed the monastery. Years later, during the German occupation, the Germans bombed the monastery, because it housed a hospital that helped the Parnonian guerrillas.


The monastery's katholikon belongs to the type of the inscribed cruciform with a dome and internally; it is recently painted. At the top of the courtyard, a Byzantine temple dedicated to the Virgin Mary has recently been built. Around the katholikon there are newly built and renovated cells and auxiliary spaces as well as the chapels of Agios Nilos, Agios Nektarios and Agios Georgios. The Monastery of Malevi has a share in Agios Charalambos in the village of Korakovouni. The monastery was converted into a convent in 1949 and today has 14 nuns. Its katholikon celebrates the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, on August 23.

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Municipal Community Astros
Agios Ioannis (Άγιος Ιωάννης, ο)
Agios Stefanos (Άγιος Στέφανος, ο)
Astros (Άστρος, το)
Varvogli (Βάρβογλη, η)
Ιερά Μονή Λουκούς, η
Chantakia (Χαντάκια, τα)
Community Agia Sofia
Agia Sofia (Αγία Σοφία, η)
Community Agios Andreas
Agios Andreas (Άγιος Ανδρέας , ο)
Άγιος Γεώργιος, ο (Τ.Κ.Αγίου Ανδρέου)
Arkadiko Chorio (Αρκαδικό Χωριό, το)
Paralia Agiou Andreou (Παραλία Αγίου Ανδρέου, η)
Community Agios Georgios
Άγιος Γεώργιος, ο (Τ.Κ.Αγίου Γεωργίου)
Aetochori (Αετοχώρι, το)
Vathia (Βάθηα, τα)
Melissi (Μελίσσι, το)
Community Agios Petros
Agios Petros (Άγιος Πέτρος , ο)
Moni Malevis (Μονή Μαλεβής, η)
Xirokampi (Ξηροκάμπι, το)
Community Vervena
Vervena (Βέρβενα, τα)
Kato Vervena (Κάτω Βέρβενα, τα)
Παυλέικα, τα
Community Doliana
Ano Doliana (Άνω Δολιανά, τα)
Dragouni (Δραγούνι, το)
Kaminari (Καμινάριον, το)
Kato Doliana (Κάτω Δολιανά, τα)
Kouvlis (Κούβλης, ο)
Prosilia (Προσήλια, τα)
Rounaiika (Ρουναίικα, τα)
Community Elatos
Elatos (Έλατος, ο)
Community Karatoulas Kynourias
Karatoulas (Καράτουλας, ο)
Community Kastanitsa
Kastanitsa (Καστανίτσα, η)
Community Kastri
Kastri (Καστρί, το)
Community Korakovouni
Korakovouni (Κορακοβούνι, το)
Νεοχώρι, το
Oreino Korakovouni (Ορεινό Κορακοβούνι, το)
Community Koutroufa
Koutroufa (Κούτρουφα, τα)
Community Meligou
Agia Anastasia (Αγία Αναστασία, η)
Oreini Meligou (Ορεινή Μελιγού, η)
Portes (Πόρτες, οι)
Cheimerini Meligou (Χειμερινή Μελιγού, η)
Community Mesorrachi
Mesorrachi (Μεσορράχη, η)
Community Nea Chora
Nea Chora (Νέα Χώρα, η)
Community Xiropigado
Λιλέικα, τα
Λιμανάκια, τα
Metamorfosi (Μεταμόρφωση, η)
Xiropigado (Ξηροπήγαδο, το)
Plaka (Πλάκα, η)
Χάνι Γκρίγκου, το
Community Paralio Astros
Paralio Astros (Παράλιο Άστρος, το)
Community Perdikovrysi
Moni Prodromou (Μονή Προδρόμου, η)
Perdikovrysi (Περδικόβρυση, η)
Community Platana
Louloudia (Λουλούδια, τα)
Platana (Πλατάνα, η)
Community Platanos
Platanos (Πλάτανος, ο)
Community Prastos
Agios Panteleimon (Άγιος Παντελεήμων, ο)
Moni Eortakoustis (Μονή Εορτακουστής, η)
Prastos (Πραστός, ο)
Community Sitaina
Sitaina (Σίταινα, η)
Community Stolos
Stolos (Στόλος, ο)
Fountoma (Φούντωμα, το)
Community Charadros
Agioi Asomatoi (Άγιοι Ασώματοι, οι)
Charadros (Χάραδρος, ο)
Community Orgia

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