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Periphery: West Macedonia
Prefecture : Kozani

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Tsotyli or Tsotilion or Tsotili (Greek: Τσοτύλι) is a village until 2010 part of the synonymous municipality in the Kozani Prefecture, Greece. Population 4753 (2001).

15246 : Bucket-shaper vessel with swing-handles (situla) from Tsotyli

16889 : Chain

Division of the municipality

Tsotyli is a mountain village (800 m) s especially known for its old housing estate (oikotrofeio).

It is a really famous western Greek location, especially known for its old housing estate (oikotrofeio). Starting from Tsotyli, you may visit Apidea, of archaeological interest, in the location of Boufara or Saint Athanassios. The picturesque villages of Krimini and Rodo-chori are situated a few kilometres away from Tsotyli. Near the village of Rodochori, the Tsoukaris bridge over Pramoritsa, a tributary of Aliakmon, bears witness to the local architecture. The Tsotyli-Kastanochoria route is unique. The mountain Ontria, with its forests, tresh water springs and old legends about girls who turned into stone, looms over the area. The village of Polikastano has an amazing landscape at an altitude of 950m.It is where the great family of the legendary Gkatzogiannis was founded. In the mountainous Voio, the village of Avgerinos (Αυγερινος), at an altitude of 1050m. com­pletes the beauty of the landscape. The mastery of the old craftsmen of the village is shown in the two floor houses made of stone in the central square. Following a dirt road you may visit the monastery of Aghia Triada (Holy Trinity) on the outskirts of Vithos and Pentalofos.

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