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Periphery: West Macedonia
Prefecture : Kozani

Askio (Greek: Άσκιο) is a former municipality in the Kozani Prefecture, Greece. Population 5130 (2001). The seat of the municipality is in Kaloneri (or Kalonerion). Area 196.64 km2.
The municipality was formed in 1999 according to the Kapodistrian law.

Askio Mountain, image of A. Christaras

Division of the municipality


Eratyra is a village build at 700-800 m on the Askio (or Siniatsiko) mountain, 12 km from Siatista and 42 km from Kozani.

Before 1928 it was called Selitsa. There is a reference from the year 1534. In the center of the village is the church of Agios Georgios from 1844. A local tradition is the Bubusaria (Μπουμπουσάρια) from the night of 30 December to 2nd January.


Galatini is a mountain village (alt. c. 1000 m) in the past known as Kontsiko.


Kaloneri (older form Kalonerion) is a mountain village (alt. c. 630 m) in the past known as Vrongista.


Namata is a mountain village (alt. c. 1240 m) founded after 1750.


Pelekanos (old name Pelka) is a mountain village (alt. c. 760 m)


Sisani (older form Sisanion) is a mountain village (alt. c. 850 m). The river Myrichos flows through the village.

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