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Periphery: West Macedonia
Prefecture : Kozani

Askio Mountain, image of A. Christaras

Askio (Greek: Άσκιο) is a mountain range covering the western Kozani and a part of the Kastoria prefectures in Greece. The elevation of its highest peak, Siniatsiko, is 2,111 m (6,926 ft).[1] There are forests in the northern part. It stretches from the village Kleisoura in the northwest to Xirolimni in the southeast, over a length of about 30 km (19 mi). The nearest mountains are the Verno to the northwest, the Vourinos to the south and the Vermio to the northeast. It is drained by tributaries of the Aliakmonas to the west and south, and towards the Lake Vegoritida to the northeast.

Nearest places

  • Germas, northwest
  • Vlasti, north
  • Ardassa, north-northeast
  • Asvestochori, northeast
  • Mavrodendri, east
  • Kozani, southeast
  • Vatero, south
  • Alonakia, southwest
  • Skiti, south
  • Galatini, southwest
  • Dryovouno, west


Forests dominate the low lying areas of the mountain and contains pine and spruce trees, the valley areas, grasslands, bushes and unvegetated portions dominate the higher elevations. The area around the mountain contains villages and forest roads as well as hiking trails, several roads do not connect both sides of the mountain range.


Its panorama includes the northern Pindus mountains including Chasia, Tymfos, Smolikas and Grammos, the mountains to the north, the valley to the east, the Vermio mountains to the east and can rarely see Mount Olympus and its adjacent mountains to the southeast as well as the Ptolemaida Mine.

Elevation 2111 m
Location Westcentral West Macedonia, Greece
Pronunciation [As•ki•o]

See also Askio municipality

Municipalities and communities of the Kozani Prefecture

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