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Administrative Region : Peloponnese
Regional unit : Arkadia

Pappadas (Παππαδάς) Arkadia

Pappadas is a mountain village of the Municipality of Gortynia of the former Municipality of Iraia of the Municipal Unit of Iraia of the Community of Paloumpa of the Prefecture of Arcadia. The village is built at an altitude of 525 meters above sea level, on a slope with dense vegetation and increased fauna.

According to the 2011 census, the village had 11 permanent residents who are mainly engaged in animal husbandry. According to the 2001 census, the village had 31 permanent residents. The village is 30 km from Dimitsana and 80 km from Tripo

Municipal unit Iraia
Community Agios Ioannis Archaias Iraias
Άγιος Ιωάννης Αρχαίας Ηραίας, ο
Community Arachova
Αράχοβα, η
Community Kakouraiika
Kakouraiika (Κακουραίικα, τα)
Community Kokkinorrachi
Kokkinorrachi (Κοκκινορράχη, η)
Community Kokkoras
Kokkoras (Κοκκοράς, ο)
Μπαρδάκι, το
Community Liodora
Liodora (Λιοδώρα, η)
Community Loutra Iraias
Agioneri (Αγιονέρι, το)
Iamatikes Piges (Ιαματικαί Πηγαί, οι)
Litharos (Λιθαρός, ο)
Loutra Iraias (Λουτρά, τα)
Lotis (Λώτης, ο)
Parnassos (Παρνασσός, ο)
Community Lykouresis
Lykouresis (Λυκούρεσης, ο)
Community Lyssarea
Lyssarea (Λυσσαρέα, η)
Community Ochthia
Ochthia (Όχθια, τα)
Community Paloumpa
Paloumpa (Παλούμπα, η)
Pappadas (Παππαδάς, ο)
Sarlaiika (Σαρλαίικα, τα)
Community Pyrris
Pyrris (Πυρρής, ο)
Community Raftis
Agalo (Αγάλω, η)
Raftis (Ράφτης, ο)
Community Sarakini Iraias
Sarakini (Σαρακίνι, το)
Community Servos
Arapides (Αράπηδες, οι)
Servos (Σέρβος, ο)
Community Chrysochori
Chrysochori (Χρυσοχώρι, το)
Community Psari
Psari (Ψάρι, το)

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