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29 : Aristion. Grave stele. Pentelic marble

56 : Grave stele, Dermys and Kitylos. Boeotian poros. Found at Tanagra in Boeotia.

368 : Portrait bust of the philosopher Metrodoros.

384 : Herm portrait of the kosmetes Heliodoros. Pentelic marble.

385 : Herm portrait of the kosmetes Sosistratos. Pentelic marble.

387 : Herm portrait of the kosmetes Onasos. Pentelic marble.

427 : Portrait bust of the Philosopher Polemon

713 : Chairestrate, Grave stele. Pentelic marble. Found in Athens

718 : Ameinokleia, daughter of Andromenes. Grave stele. Pentelic marble

722 : Archestrate. Grave stele. Pentelic marble

724 : Phainarete. Grave stele. Pentelic marble.

738 : Aristonautes son of Archenautes, of the deme of Hala Funerary naiskos. Pentelic marble.

751 : Alkias of Phokis, Funerary stele. Marble

778 : Euempolos, slave, Grave stele. Pentelic marble . Found in the Piraeus.

1192. Artemidoros. Grave stele.Pentelic marble.

1243 : Grave stele of Eukarpos and Philoxenos.

1303 : Neike, daughter of Eirenaios. Grave stele

1453 : Agathokleia. Votive relief. Marble.

1775 : Telesphoros, son of Eukarpos. Grave stele. Pentelic marble

2004 : Agakles son of Phrynichos, Grave stele. Pentelic marble.

3624 : Grave stele. Hegeso, daughter of Proxenos. Pentelic marble.

3772 : Double-sided herm of the philosopher Aristotle. Pentelic marble.

3790 : Grave stele of Phylonoe. Pentelic marble.

3938 : Aristodikos. Funerary kouros statue. Parian marble

3947 : Grave stele, Philokles and his son Dikaios. Marble

Moiragenes, son of Damokles,

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