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1192. Artemidoros. Grave stele.Pentelic marble.

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Found near the Olympeion Athens.
The stele has the form of a naiskos with pilasters, an epistyle and a
pediment with palmette akroteria
The names of three men, presumably of the same family, are inscribed
on the tympanum of the pediment, the horizontal cornice, and the epistyle.
The stele was originally erected to Artemidoros son o Artemidoros of Bessa,
whose name is inscribed on the epistyle, with the other two
named added lated. The dead Artemidoros is depicted hunting a boar with his
dog. The clear indication of the natural landscape is notable
The tree with the hunter's bag hanging from it and the deer in the background
suggest that the scene is set in a forest.
Ath the bottom, two goats fraze under the supervision of a dog
A.D. 160 - 180

National Archaeological Museum, Athens, Greece

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