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Administrative Region : West Greece
Regional unit : Aitoloakarnania

Palaiochori (Παλαιοχώρι) Aitoloakarnania

Palaiochori, officially Palaiochorion, is a lowland village in Aitoloakarnania at an altitude of 50 meters.

Geography - History

Palaiochori is located at the southeastern tip of Lake Trichonida. Through this passes the provincial road Zevgaraki - Kato Makrinou and is the southern continuation of the settlement Kapsorachi. It is 32 km southeast of Agrinio. [2] A part of a castle of the 4th century BC is preserved between the village and Kapsorachi. century which was part of an ancient fort. To the southwest is the chapel of Agios Nikolaos of the 17th century. patron saint of the village. [3] [4] As a settlement, it is officially mentioned in 1879 that it was annexed to the then municipality of Makrynia. From 1912 to 1920 it was the seat of the then community of Palaiochori. [5] According to the Kallikratis program, together with Kapsorachi they constitute the local community of Kapsorachi which belongs to the municipal unit of Makrineia of the municipality of Agrinio and according to the 2011 census it has a population of 3 inhabitants. [6]

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In Aitoloakarnania there is the synonymous settlement Palaiochori Simou.
Jan Ekels the Younger: A Writer Trimming his Pen.

Community Kapsorachi
Kapsorachi (Καψοράχη, η)
Palaiochori (Παλαιοχώρι, το)


Palaiochori (Παλαιοχώρι) Aitoloakarnania
Palaiochori (Παλαιοχώρι) Pyllini Aitoloakarnania
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Palaiochori (Παλαιοχώρι) Xirovouniou Arta
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Palaiochori (Παλαιοχώρι) Mikrou Peristeriou Ioannina
Palaiochori (Παλαιοχώρι) Tzoumerkon Ioannina
Palaiochori (Παλαιοχώρι) Athamanes Karditsa
Palaiochori (Παλαιοχώρι) Kavala
Palaiochori (Παλαιοχώρι) Kerkyra
Palaiochori (Παλαιοχώρι) Samos
Palaiochori (Παλαιοχώρι) Trikala
Palaiochori (Παλαιοχώρι) Kleinovo Trikala

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