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Administrative Region : Central Greece
Regional unit : Voiotia

Arachova, Photo: Alexandros Daskalakis

Arachova or Arakhova (Greek: Αράχωβα) rarely Arakhova is a town and a former municipality which this town is the seat located in the western part of the prefecture of Viotia. It is one of the highest towns. It is connected with GR-48 linking Amfissa and Livadeia with curdy roads westward to Delphi and GR-29 with curvy roads linking to villages near the Gulf of Corinth and Distomo. It is located SE of Amfissa, S of Lamia, W of Livadeia, 16o km NW of Athens, NE of Itea and 12 km E of Delphi. Including Hydra, it is one of the municipalities that only has one commune and two settlements.

Prefecture: Viotia
Location: 38 ° 28' 45'' N 22 ° 35' 13'' E
Population: (2001)   4.180

about 500 m
968 m(centre)
Postal code: 320 04
Area/distance code: 11-30-22670 (030-22670)-3
Municipal code: 0804
Car designation: BI
3-letter abbreviation: AHV
Name of inhabitants: Arachovian or Arahovian sing.
-s pl.
Address of administration: Arachova 320 04

Nearest places

Delphi, W

Kalyvia Arachovas, N

Kalyvia Arachovas

Historical population

Year Population
1981 2910
1991 3084
2001 4158

Arachova has a school which is located in the south and the central part, a lyceum, a gymnasium, a church, a small post office and a square (plateia) in the centre with the town hall of Ano Pogoni.

The urban houses lies from west to east on a hill with a slope of 45 to 50°. The urban area are rectangular. The area around Arachova is mainly grasslands and rocky landscape with a few bushes. It sits on a mountain which is located in the south and the Parnassus mountains in the north. It sits above the valley where a river flows to Livadeia and the Cephissus River.

Arachova is a touristic attraction because of the proximity to popular Delphi but was developed in the late 20th century with a ski resort.

The origin of the name comes from two theories.

The main products are olives.

Road Lamia to Arachova

The traditions and popular activities are maintained and are celebrated by the inhabitants. Traditional dances, the reviving of the fight of Arachova against the Turks as well as meals. Traditional cheese include Formaella (which is sold only in Arachova) and Zipouro (a grapelike liquor).

Parnassus ( or Parnassos)

The skiing resorts of Parnassus are situated in the northwest on the Parnassus. It is the most modern and largest skiing resorts in Greece.

Arachova Satellite image

Division of the municipality


Αν αγναντέψεις και την δεις θα σε μαγέψει ξένε, και άμα ρωτήσεις θα σου πουν Αράχωβα τη λένε! - Georgios Siros

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