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Administrative Region : Central Greece
Regional unit : Evoia

Aliveri (Greek, Modern: Αλιβέρι / Katharevousa: Ἀλιβέριον; Ancient Greek: Αὐλών - Aulon, Αὐλῶνος[1]), is a town in the Greek island of Euboea. It is part of the municipal unit Taminaioi, and the seat of the municipality Kymi-Aliveri. Aliveri is linked by the GR-44 (Chalkida - Karystos). Aliveri lies next to the South Euboic Gulf. Aliveri is located east of Chalkida, south of Cyme and NNW of Karystos as well as NNE of Athens.

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Aliveri is mostly an industrial town. The biggest cement factory of Greece is located in Aliveri, which also homes a power generating plant of the PPC (Public Power Corporation - ΔΕΗ). The power plant began producing power burning brown coal (lignite) in 1955. As the coal seam has been exhausted now, the power plant is using oil. In the area, there is also marble mining industry.

Aliveri also boast a picturesque harbor called "Karavos".



Historical population
The church in the upper town
An old house in Aliveri
Year Population Change
1981 5,103 -
1991 5,065 -38/-0.74%


^ The Polis as an Urban Centre and as a Political Community Page 432 By Mogens Herman Hansen ISBN 8773042919

Municipal Community Aliveri
Aliveri (Αλιβέρι, το)
Anthoupoli (Ανθούπολη, η)
Katakalos (Κατακαλός, ο)
Latas (Λάτας, ο)
Milaki (Μηλάκι, το)

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