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Administrative Region : Epirus
Regional unit : Ioannina

Koukouli (Greek: Κουκκούλι) is a village of the Zagori region, in the municipal unit of Tymfi.

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The village is built in the southern end of the Vikos Gorge
Kokori's bridge, between Koukouli and Kipoi.

Koukouli was founded during the 13th century. It was later included in the treaty signed between the villages of Zagori (there were 14 at the time) and the Ottomans at 1430. The villages of Zagori formed an autonomous federation for the next centuries. The privileges which were granted to the federation of Zagori and which are due, in the biggest part, to the influence of rich Zagorians over the Sublime Porte, were preserved until 1868. According to these privileges, Zagori was autonomous and self-governed under the surveillance of Vekili of Zagori.

Many inhabitants, during the 18th century, became merchants, travelled abroad and made huge profits. The Plakidas family was one of those that made a fortune. Alexios Plakidas, a benefactor, donated huge amounts of money for the village and the Zagori region.

Prior to the Second World War, Koukoulians used to migrate to Asia Minor and the U.S. Inside Greece, they mostly migrated to Macedonia.[1]

Today, like the rest of Zagori, the village is a tourist destination, mainly in winter season. Buildings of traditional architecture such as the 2 schools and the historical Inn, serve as hotels for the tourists.
Notable people

Manthos Iconomou (1754–1822), scholar and advisor of Ali Pasha.
Alexios Plakidas, merchant and benefactor.
Konstantinos Lazaridis, scholar and botanologist, founder of the natural museum of Koukouli.
Lefteris Zagoritis, member of the Greek parliament.


^ A.Kathareios (Inspector of the 1st educational region of Epirus) Report of Inspection of Zagorohoria in 1913

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Prefecture of Ioannina. Tourist department of Greece

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