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Administrative Region : Epirus
Regional unit : Ioannina

Kipoi (Greek: Κήποι), also known as Bagia (Greek: Μπάγια) is a Greek village in the region of Zagori. It belongs to the municipal unit of Tymfi (Ioannina Prefecture). The Greek name derives from the many gardens in the surrounding areas (Greek Κήποι=Gardens). The name "Bagia" is slavic and means "warm (and low) place".[1] The village has the lowest latitude of all Zagori villages. It is built on a rocky hill, in the southern end of Vikos Gorge.
History and Culture
Plakidas' or Kalogeriko (monk's) bridge .


Kipoi was once the centre of Zagori.After the Balkan Wars and the liberation of Epirus in 1913, the people of Kipi demanded that Kipoi becomes the capital of Zagori, because it is the most central village and because it once was the "capital".[2]


In Kipoi, the traditional architectural style of Epirus is well preserved, with stone built roads and dwellings. Not far from the villages lies a three arched stone bridge, of the 18th century (illustration). The bridge is also a unique tourist attraction of today, on the local road to central Zagori, just out of the village.

Today, the museum of the famous collector Agapios Tolis is located in Kipoi, where more than 40.000 exhibits are included.[3]


External links

[1] Information about Kipoi.
[2] Folkloric museum of Agapios Tolis (Greek).


^ A.Kathareios (Inspector of the 1st educational region of Epirus) Report of Inspection of Zagorohoria in 1913
^ A.Kathareios (Inspector of the 1st educational region of Epirus) Report of Inspection of Zagorohoria in 1913

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