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Laganas (Greek: Λαγανάς) is a town and a former municipality on the island of Zakynthos, Ionian Islands, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality Zakynthos, of which it is a municipal unit.[1] Laganas is north of Keri and south-southeast of Volimes. The municipal unit of Laganás has a land area of 74.104 km². Its municipal seat was the town of Pantokrátor (pop. 899). Its largest towns are Mouzáki (1,352), Lithakiá (1,185), Pantokrátoras, Kalamáki (661), Laganás (543), and Kerí (487). It was created in the late-1990s under the Capodistrian Plan.

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Its origin of the name comes from the word lagini meaning jug or pot in English, named for the rock formations in the area of Lithakia and Kalamaki the waves hit the coastline.

Laganas was ruled by the Venetians until the Napoleonic Wars. It was in French, Russian, Turkish and British hands, and formed part of the United States of the Ionian Islands until 1864 when it was finally ceded to Greece. After World War II and the Greek Civil War, its buildings were rebuilt. Laganas was hit by the Ionian Earthquake on August 1953 that leveled almost the entire village and the surrounding area. It took until the late 1950s and early 1960s for everything to be rebuilt and connected with asphalt. Laganas built a nearby airport that serves the entire island. A national park was established for the protection of turtles. More pavement was installed in the late 20th century. The island is now best known as a party haven for young Brits, boasting over 100 different drinking venues, all confined in a small area. Laganas has a lyceum (middle school), a gymnasium (secondary school), a few churches, and a square (plateia).


The area is surrounded by the plain of Zakynthos. The plain dominates the eastern portion and the mountains in the western portion. The island has little forest. Laganas Beach is located at southern half of the island and is roughly five kilometers in length.


Laganas is linked with the Greek National Road 35 (Zakynthos - Laganas) and is its southernmost terminus.

Year Population village Population municipal district Population municipality
1991 233 - 4,303
2001 543 1,442 5,894

Tourist resort
Lagana beach

The main attraction of Laganas is the migration of the loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta), as well as partying for young Europeans. Each year during the months of June, July and August the turtles migrate to the Bay of Laganas to lay their eggs on the beach. This is a protected beach which is watched over by ecologists at all times.

Northeast of Laganas is the Zakynthos International Airport, "Dionysios Solomos" first opened in the mid 20th century. Other industries includes agriculture and services. The main crops are olives, fruits and vegetables.

Laganas is a modern place on an old style Greek island, with a high proportion of nightclubs and bars. Laganas is a popular Club 18-30 destination. The main strip in Laganas consists of bars, restaurants, and tourist shops. The island is popular with British, Dutch, and German tourists.


The municipal unit Laganas is subdivided into the following communities (constituent villages in brackets):

Agalas (Agalas, Ai Giannis, Ampelos, Stimies)
Kalamaki (Kalamaki, Margaraiika, Pefkakia)
Keri (Keri, Apelati, Limni Keriou, Marathias)
Pantokratoras (Pantokratoras, Laganas)

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^ Kallikratis law Greece Ministry of Interior (Greek)

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