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Administrative Region : Ionian Islands
Regional unit : Lefkada

Agios Petros (gr. Άγιος Πέτρος ) is a village of the Lefkada Prefecture, part of the Apollonion municipality on Lefkada Island in Greece. Population 578 in the year 2001

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Agios Petros is on the mountain Elati (alt. 350 m) 6km NW of Vassiliki with a road linking with Vassiliki and Lefkada as well as the GR-42 which links with the mainland with a drawbridge.


Ponti Agiou Petrou (Πόντη Αγίου Πέτρου) [2001 pop: 39]


The village is situated in a small valley area where farmlands are located and some cattle and groves on the mountain slopes. The Elati mountains surround the village.

Year Village Population municipality

1981 725
1991 647
2001 578

Agios Petros
Άγιος Πέτρος
Number of municipal districts: 2 (Agios Petros, Ponti Agiou Petrou)
Latitude: 38.64 (38°39'58") N
Longitude: 21.601 (21°36'7") E
Altitude: 330 m
Postal code: GR-310 82
rea/distance code: 11-(00)30-26420
Car designation: EY

Municipal unit Apollonioi
Community Agios Ilias
Agios Ilias (Άγιος Ηλίας ο)
Community Agios Petros
Agios Petros (Άγιος Πέτρος ο)
Πόντη Αγίου Πέτρου η
Community Athani
Άγιος Νικόλαος Νηράς ο
Athani (Αθάνιον το)
Community Vasiliki
Vasiliki (Βασιλική η)
Community Vournikas
Vournikas (Βουρνικάς ο)
Community Dragano
Dragano (Δράγανον το)
Panochori (Πανωχώρι το)
Community Evgiros
Evgiros (Εύγηρος η)
Syvota (Σύβοτα τα)
Community Komilio
Komilio (Κομήλιον το)
Community Kontaraina
Kontaraina (Κοντάραινα η)
Community Marantochori
Marantochori (Μαραντοχώρι το)
Community Nikolis
Manasi (Μανάση η)
Nikolis (Νικολής ο)
Community Syvros
Syvros (Σύβρος ο)
Community Chortata
Chortata (Χορτάτα τα)


Agios Petros Arkadia
Agios Petros Korinthia
Agios Petros Kilkis
Agios Petros Lefkada
Agios Petros Magnisia
Agios Petros Messinia

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