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Thisvi (Greek: Θίσβη) is a village part of the municipality of Thisvi (Δήμος Θίσβης) (since 1997) in the Boeotia Prefecture, Greece. Population 4.480 (2001). The seat of the municipality is in Domvraina (or Dombraina).

Thisvi is named after ancient Thisbe. The village Thisvi is near the town of ancient Thisbe, remains of the fortifications from the 4th century exist.

Division of the municipality

Alyki (or Aliki)

Domvraina (or Domvrena)

Domvraina or Domvrena is known from its marble production (Domvrena Beige)


  • Ellopia is between the mountains Helicon and Kithairon, height 250 m., 20 km from Thiva.



Municipalities and communities of the Boeotia (Voitia) Prefecture

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