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Administrative Region : Epirus
Regional unit : Ioannina

Plikati (Greek: Πληκάτι, Albanian: Pelekat) is a mountain village in the municipal unit of Mastorochoria, Ioannina regional unit, Greece. It is one of the northernmost villages in Epirus. In 2001 its population was 150. The village is situated at the foot of the Grammos mountains, at 1,240 m elevation, close to the Albanian border. Plikati has traditionally been populated by an exclusively Arvanite population, and Albanian is still spoken in the village. Plikati is 3 km north of Gorgopotamos, 8 km west of Aetomilitsa, 9 km southeast of Ersekë (Albania) and 28 km north of Konitsa.

 Ήπειρος - Ιωάννινα - Δήμος Μαστοροχωρίων Πληκάτι - Στις παρυφές του Όρους Γράμμος

Year Population
1981 156
1991 133
2001 150

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Plikati is an old village, with a church dating from the 16th century. Due to overpopulation and poverty in the 19th century, many of its inhabitants moved away and founded new villages in the area around Florina (Belkameni and Negovani) and Larissa (Kazaklar).

 Ήπειρος - Ιωάννινα - Δήμος Μαστοροχωρίων Πληκάτι, με θέα το Γράμμο

Pilikati with view of Gramos

 Ήπειρος - Ιωάννινα - Δήμος Μαστοροχωρίων Η οροσειρά του Γράμμου από το Πληκάτι

Gramos from Pilikati

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