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Administrative Region : Epirus
Regional unit : Ioannina

Kastritsa (Greek: Καστρίτσα) is a village in the municipal unit of Pamvotida, Ioannina regional unit in Greece. In 2001 its population was 668. The GR-6 (Volos - Larissa - Ioannina - Igoumenitsa), the old road runs through Voutsaras and the Via Egnatia, the new highway runs near the village with its nearest interchange.

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Until 1927 the village was named Barkoumadi or Barkmadhi (Greek: Μπαρκουμάδι or Μπαρκμάδι), after the Albanian words bark and madh literally meaning big belly and metaphorically "the good eater".[1] In 1927 it was renamed to Kastritsa after the ruins of a castle located near the village.
Nearest places

Vassiliki, east
Platania, ESE

Year Population
1981 754
1991 747
2001 668

Kastritsa is 10 km SE of Ioannina, southwest of Grevena, west of Trikala and north of Arta.
Geography and information

Farmlands dominate the lower areas and forests with some grasslands to the east.
Epirus in antiquity

The vicinity had founded artifacts that believed to be human presence in the village from the Neolithic age until the historic years.

The site of ancient Tekmon is recognized to be at Kastritsa[2] or that of Eurymenai (Epirus).

West of the village is the height Kastritsa which are rich in artifacts. At the elevation, these have been founded:

On the west bank, caved with track writings dating back to around 20,000 and 10,000 years ago, the new period of the Paleolithic age in Greece. The cave was reported by English archeologists in 1967. In the north side, another cave with paintings from the late Neolithic age. On the foot of the location, it has a tomb of the late-Helladic age.

East of the village had founded in 1948-49 a settlement which was reported by S. Dakaris, in 1951-52 and artifcts (tombs, ceramic) showed its settling from the Neolithic age until the historic years. North of the hill features the ancient Acropolis Tekmon (Τέκμον) which used the ancient art with a perimeter of about 3,000 m with 5 entrances, the central entrance is in the northeastern side of the hill.From that writing of the Roman historian, it passed through the ancient acropolis by its hill, some believed it is ancient Tekmon, the city survived the brother of the ancient king Pyrrhus and mother of Alexander the Great and Olympias.
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