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Administrative Region : Epirus
Regional unit : Ioannina


Katsikas (Greek: Κατσικάς) is the largest municipal district of the Pamvotida where induced in the Ioannina Prefecture, who belongs to the Epirus region and its residents now far beyond 2566, it was recognized in the community after the liberation of Ioannina six years later on August 7, 1919. The population as various state historian is constantly changing and always improving. When first founded the village is certainly not known as to name Katsikas, and opinions differ about the classification have been written yet and traditions. Tradition says that the name comes from someone who was guarding goats say "Katsikas". The person who is living in the Katsikas, then his name is Katskiots if he man, or Katskiotsa if he woman, and Katskoplu if he childrem. Also they can call Datskanaria if and man and womens many together.

The villagers are farmers, poultry and other urban occupations. Women work in bars, like Johnny bar and Lialios, that is very famous and popular to the soldiers. Katsikas very old had attained educational level. During the Turkish occupation the teacher pay their own residents and the Cathedral. From Katsika became a brilliant scientist Dimitris Maroulis was born in 1840. He graduated from the Zosimaia school and then attended the University of Athens and then in Germany. When finished to study, he is returend and live in Serres, because there he is worked in the Didaskaleio of the Serres (is like a big school). He returned to Katsikas never because of the incident with local priest who he (the priest) call him (the Maroulis) satana because he (Maroulis) is write that no God, it is only we believe. Today his status we can see in the main town square (plateia). He is sitting on big desk, and is holding book, and next to him is the goat, is symbol of the city where he birthday. He wrote many scientific papers and one of them was 'On the bringing up of Greek teachers on pot' printed in Athens in 1888. Fair boasts residents of Katsika for the man who jumped in the era of obscurantism.

From then, many residents of Katsikas they learned to read, also the women. Today, in Katsikas is two primary schools (dhemotika), one small children high school (gimnasio) and one Senior High school (lykeio), but the government is plan to close the Lykeio because many student did not write well the Panellinies examinations, because this year (2010) the topics very difikult. Newspaper 'To Sfirodrepano' is say that this plan is criminal of the burguazi state, they oppressing poor farmers and workers of Katsikas, and is fellony. Is also in Katsikas, a school like gymnasio (High school) for to learn to make the cheese and milk. There to pass lesson, it is easier because not very many pages to read for test, but you must pay money to headmaster or teacher.

The City Pamvotida is located in Katsika due position as a hub for all other municipal departments.


* The Church of the Archangels in 1411. This is a beautiful church worthy of attention.
* The Church of the Madonna or the Sleep of the Mother of God that build in 1812 in place of old church that burned the sinners in old times. Next door is and the gravegarden of the village.
* The Churdch of the Holy Friday of the 1838. This is a temple that was build by the shoemakers and the tailors of Ioannina.
* The Church of the Holy Dimitrios of the 1838. This is beautiful church where was priest the famous Papatsakalos when he begin to be priest (begin of his career). In this church he made famous saying to protect cristians from the stealers, the Turks and the gays.
* The Church of the Holy Apostoli he is build arount the year 1780 but he later made new in the 1833. This church is small and not so interesting, like the others churches but there is the school for to learn to be good cristian.

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