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Alexander the Great puts the books of Homer in the shrine of Darius , Raphael

Alexander and Diogenes, Matvei Ivanovich Puchinov

Alexander and Diogenes, Ivan Tupylev

Anacreon, Gerome

Andreas Zaimis, Karl Krazeisen

Antiochus and Stratonice, David

Antonios Kriezis , Francesco Pige

Artemis Gennadiou, Ludwig Thiersch

Aspasia talking with Greek philosophers, Michel-Ange Corneille

Cleopatra, Michel Corneille

Cleopatra before Caesar, Jean-Leon Gerome

Cleopatra testing poisons on condemned prisoners, Alexandre Cabanel

Croesus and Solon, Hendrick van Steenwyck (the Younger)

Death of Alcibiades, Michele de Napoli

Georgios Gennadios, Ludwig Thiersch

Kleombrotos sent into Exile by Leonidas II, Benjamin West

Kleoniki Gennadiou, Ludwig Thiersch

Kyriakoula Voulgari, Francesco Pige

Landscape with Diogenes, Nicolas Poussin

Phryne Going to the Public Baths as Venus: Demosthenes Taunted by Aeschines, Joseph Mallord William Turner

Portrait of Christakis Zografos, Carolus-Duran

Portrait of the Wife of Christos Zografos, Carolus-Duran

Portrait of Iakovos Rizos, Albert Belleroche

Portrait of Madame de Stael as Corinne, Marie Louise Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun

Sappho and Phaon, Jacques-Louis David

Sappho sings for Homer, Charles Nicolas Rafael Lafond

Socrates seeking Alcibiades in the House of Aspasia, Jean-Léon Gérôme

Solon and Croesus. Gerrit van Honthorst

Stratonice, Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

The death bed of Epaminondas, Isaak Walraven

The Groves of Accademia - Plato Teaching, Joshua Cristall

The Poet Anacreon with his Muses, Norbert Schroedl

Themistocles, Pierre Joseph Francois

Theodoros Kolokotronis, Karl Krazeisen

Zeuxis André Vincent François

Zeuxis, Domenico Beccafumi

Zeuxis Choosing Beauty, Edwin Long,

Zeuxis The Choosen Five, Edwin Long

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