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Armor production by Hephaestus and three Cyclopes

Hephaestus with a Labrys , Left Dionysus, Right Hermes. Berlin F1704 detail

Hephaestus' trimphant return to Olymp, riding on a donkey François Vase .

Hephaestus Mythology

Hephaestus Temple of Athens (Thisio)

Hephaistos polishing the shield of Achilles, Dutuit Painter c. 480 BC., Red Figure Amphora, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Mythology and Inventions

Zeus and Hera
Poseidon, Hades,
Hestia, Demeter,
Aphrodite, Athena,
Apollo, Artemis,
Ares, Hephaestus,
Hermes, Dionysus

Gods of the Greeks, Carl Kerenyi
The Heroes of the Greeks, Carl Kerenyi

Greek Mythology

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Mythology Images

Ancient Greece
Medieval Greece / Byzantine Empire
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Modern Greece

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