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Administrative Region : Crete
Regional unit : Heraklion

  • Kefalovrysi (Κεφαλοβρύσι) Heraklion
  • Kefalovrysi (151 permanent residents in 2011) is a village and homonymous local community, in the Municipality of Viannos in the former homonymous province. Its location is at the southern foot of Mount Dikti. The inhabitants are engaged in olive growing and most recently in the cultivation of early vegetables in the coastal area. In the settlement are the churches of Agios Ioannis Chrysostomos, Agia Marina and Agios Georgios.

    M.D. Kefalovrysi

    Krevatas memorial

    Monument of executed in Krevvatas.

    The Local Community has a total of 151 inhabitants, based on the 2011 census. The settlements that make it up are:

    Kefalovrysi [128]
    Krevvatas [23], who used to belong to the former Community of Kefalovrysso. At an altitude of 550 meters, in Krevvatas are the temples of Agios Ioannis the Theologian and Agios Nikitas.

    Historical data

    The name of the village is due to a large spring (watermill). The source is also called the headboard. While the Venetian census is not mentioned, it is mentioned in the Turkish census of 1671. In 1577 in the Barocci catalog the settlement is listed as Agios Vasilis Crevatas and in the census of Kastrofylakas [1] in 1583 with 689 inhabitants and with the name S. Baseglio Crevata

    In September 1943 the village was set on fire by the Germans and 36 of the men were shot dead. At the same time, Krevatas was set on fire, mourning 22 deaths (executions by the Germans).

    Kefalovrissi church Ayia Marina

    Agia Marina Church


    Kastrofylakas, 1583, K96


    Heraklion and its Prefecture, Heraklion Prefecture Publication.

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    Holocaust of Viannos

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