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Karytaina (Greek: Καρύταινα, also Καρίταινα) is a village and a community in Arcadia, Greece. It was the seat of the former municipality Gortyna. in 2001 Karytaina had a population of 204 for the village and 257 for the community, which includes the villages Kalyvakia and Karvounaris. Karytaina is situated on a hill on the right bank of the river Alfeios, near its confluence with the Lousios. The Frankish Castle of Karytaina was built on a steep rocky outcrop in 1245 by Hugues de Bruyères. During Frankish domination (13th-15th century) its name was Skorta.

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Karytaina is 9 km southwest of Stemnitsa, 12 km east of Andritsaina, 12 km south of Dimitsana and 12 km northwest of Megalopoli. The Greek National Road 76 (Krestena - Andritsaina - Megalopoli) passes east of the town. Karytaina was depicted on the reverse of the Greek 5000 drachmas banknote of 1984-2001.[1] Karytaina has schools, a church, and several shops and services.

Karytaina, left the Castle, Image by Roman Klementschitz [Source]

Historical population
Year Population
1920 881
1961 487
1981 304
1991 248
2001 271

Fortress of Karytaina

Karytaina 1879

Fortress of Karytaina, Image c 1910

Fortress of Karytaina

Karytaina Bridges

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