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Agasicles, Agesicles or Hegesicles (Greek: Ἀγασικλῆς, Ἀγησικλῆς, Ἡγησικλῆς) was a king of Sparta, the 13th of the line of Procles.

Son of Archidamus I,[1] he was contemporary with the Agid Leon, and succeeded his father, probably about 590 BC or 600. During his reign the Lacedaemonians carried on an unsuccessful war against Tegea, but prospered in their other wars. (Herod. i. 65; Paus. iii. 7, § 6, 3. §. 5.) He was succeeded by his son Ariston.


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Such was the condition of the Athenians when Croesus made inquiry concerning them. Proceeding to seek information concerning the Lacedaemonians, he learnt that, after passing through a period of great depression, they had lately been victorious in a war with the people of Tegea; for, during the joint reign of Leo and Agasicles, kings of Sparta, the Lacedaemonians, successful in all their other wars, suffered continual defeat at the hands of the Tegeans. Herodotus

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