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Administrative Region : West Greece
Regional unit : Achaia

Paos (Πάος) Achaia

Paos (Greek: Πάος, before 1927: Σκούπι - Skoupi[1]) is a village and a community in Achaea, Greece. It was the seat of the municipality of Paion. In 2001 its population was 367 for the village and 508 for the community, which includes the villages Dechounaiika (pop. 31), Palaios Paos (pop. 1), Potamia (pop. 54) and Vesini (pop. 55). It is 25 km southwest of Kalavryta, and 50 km northwest of Tripoli. The Greek National Road 33 (Patras - Tripoli) passes through the village.

Year Population village Community population
1981 - 649
1991 415 -
2001 367 508

The location of the ancient city Paos has been found near the modern village, of which the remainder remains to be excavated.[2] Ancient artifacts and remains of the walls have been found. It had a perimeter of 516 m, and had an almost triangular shape with its point facing west with its acropolis in the middle and some ancient buildings to the south, its springs used to be to the northeast with an aqueduct north of the old city.[3] It was said that Euphorion from Paos gave lodging to the Dioscuri, and ever since kept open house for all men.[4] Paos in later years annexed with the neighboring Kleitor. Pausanias wrote that Paos was a ruined settlement near the city of Seirai.[5]
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Community Paos
Vesini (Βεσίνι, το)
Dechounaiika (Δεχουναίικα, τα)
Palaios Paos (Παλαιός Πάος, ο)
Paos (Πάος, ο)
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