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Nótia (Greek: Νότια, formerly Νώτια; Megleno-Romanian: Nânti or Nânta; Bulgarian: Нънте, Нъте or Нѫте; Macedonian Slavic: Ноти or Н'ти;[1] Turkish: Nutya or Yediköy) is a village in the Exaplatanos municipality of the Pella Prefecture, Central Macedonia, Greece. Lying at an altitude of 595 metres in the Upper Karadjova Plain, it was for centuries the largest Meglen Vlach village, and the only one with a regular market.

Much of Notia's Meglen Vlach population converted to Islam in the 18th century. With the 1923 population exchange between Greece and Turkey, the Muslims of the village were deported to Eastern Thrace in Turkey. They were known as "Karadjovalides" ("Karacaovalılar" in Latinized Greek) after the name of the vicinity.

^ Todor Hristov Simovski, The Inhabited Places of the Aegean Macedonia (Skopje 1998), ISBN 9989-9819-4-9, p. 95.

Thede Kahl, "The Islamisation of the Meglen Vlachs (Megleno-Romanians): The Village of Nânti (Nótia) and the 'Nântinets' in Present-Day Turkey", Nationalities Papers 34:1, March 2006.

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