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Leontari (Greek: Λεοντάρι) is a town in the municipal unit of Thespies in Boeotia, Greece.


Initially the village was named Zogra Kobili after Zogra Kobili, an Albanian leader who founded the town. Later, and until 1930, the town was named Kaskaveli or Kobili, variants of the name of the founder.[1][2] In 1930 it was renamed to Leontari after an ancient Greek artifact possibly related to the area.[1][3][2]

The town of Leontari was founded in the late 14th or early 15th century by Albanian settlers led by Zogra Kobili.[2][4] Leontari was first attested as hamlet in the Ottoman census of 1466.[1]

Year Population
1850 266
1928 961
1940 982
1951 1116
1971 1002
1981 1016
2001 1036


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