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Administrative Region : Thessaly
Regional unit : Trikala


Farkadona (Greek: Φαρκαδόνα) is a municipality in the southeastern Trikala peripheral unit, part of Thessaly in Greece. Its 2001 population was 2,387 for the town and 15,881 for the municipality. The Larissa peripheral unit is to the east and the Karditsa peripheral unit to the south. Farkadona is located southwest of Elassona, west of Larissa, east-northeast of the city of Karditsa and east of the city of Trikala and is situated in the Thessalian Plain. It also serves as the seat of the municipality. It was known as Tsioti. Farkadona is connected with the GR-6 (Larissa - Trikala - Ioannina - Igoumenitsa).


The municipality Farkadona was formed at the 2011 local government reform by the merger of the following 3 former municipalities, that became municipal units:[1]



Division of the municipality

Year Town population Municipality population
1981 2,117 -
1991 2,330 7,456
2001 2,387 7,093

After World War II and the Greek Civil War, the population steadily declined as residents moved to larger towns and cities and the richest countries in the world.


Farkadona is one of the oldest towns in Trikala prefecture. The oldest town of Farkadona is located near the village of Klokotos,7 km from the modern town. The new town of Farkadona was founded in 1542. Electricity and automobiles arrived in the 1960s, the town was linked with pavement in the late 20th century, and television arrived in the 1980s. Internet and computers arrived in the late-1990s.

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