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Administrative Region : Peloponnese
Regional unit : Korinthia

Examilia (Greek: Εξαμίλια) is a town in Corinth, Greece. Distance is about 7 km south of Corinth, E of Kechries (Cenchreae), W of Loutra Elenis.

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The town was first attested in 1676 by French archaeologist Jacob Spon as an Albanian village.[1] According to the inhabitants of the town they are descended from Albanian settlers that arrived in Corinth earlier than the ones of Xylokeriza.[1] Based on Spon and Francis Wheler modern historians assume that the ancestors of Examilians had settled the area at least since the late 17th century.[1] Examilians have been reported to not always be in good terms with the inhabitants of Xylokeriza.[1] According to some scholars the source of these local differences is that Examilians descend from earlier settlers than the ones of Xylokeriza.[1]

Examilia Korinthos

Nearest places

Kechries (west)
Corinth (north)
Loutra Elenis (east)

Year Population
1981 1,679
1991 1,409
2001 1,563

The community has a school, a church and a square(plateia). The population also has Roma minority. A castle is located near the community. Hills dominate the east along with a few forests while farmlands dominate the southern and the western part of the area. Its basin area covers 34.44 km² of land. [1] On February 18, 2000 clashes occurred with four police officers and the minorities.

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