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Administrative Region : Thessaly
Regional unit : Trikala

Elati (Ελάτη) is a highland summer resort of Greece. It lays at the south part of the Pindos mountain chain, 32 km away from Trikala city. The village has built an amphitheater in a forest, at a height of 900 m. on mountain Kerketio (Koziakas).

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According to tradition, Elati was inhibited a few years after Constantinople was conquered by Turks. This is evidenced by Byzantines findings[which?]. The present location of the village is fairly new. Before 1943, the village was located more westerly, near the river. In 1943 the village was burnt by the German Army. Along the driveway from Trikala to Elati is the Porta Panagia church, built in 1283 in the large village Pili. The arched bridge over the Portaiko river was built in 1514 by Saint Bissarionas. In this area there are many monasteries.

Monasteries still in operation are Moni Gouras, and Saint Bissarionas, both located near Pili. The rest of the monasteries are deserted, but they can be located near the villages of Neraidohori, Pirra, Desi, and Gardiki.

Visitors to Elati can enjoy many sporting or other activities. During the Winter, a small ski center, located in 7 km outside the village on the way to Pertouli, is operational. There is also a stamina-ski course. During spring and summer, there are many paths for a walking tour in the forest with springs and meadows, and also long roads in the forest to be traveled by car, motorcycle, mountain bicycle even on horseback. At a quarter of an hour from the village on Kokkinos Braxos location, are three climbing stages. Below the highest peak, Koziaka , there is the Xatzipetros's shelter which can provide accommodation for 20 people.

In the area's rivers, there is fishing and swimming in the cold and crystal-clear water. A large variety of wild animals exist in the forest, such as: pheasants, partridges, woodcocks, hares, roes, bears, and wolves. The area's flora varies greatly.

Community Elati
Agios Georgios (Άγιος Γεώργιος, ο)
Vlataneoi (Βλατανέοι, οι)
Vlacha (Βλάχα, η)
Elati (Ελάτη, η)
Lipiota (Λιπιότα, η)
Xylochori (Ξυλοχώρι, το)


Elati Arkadia
Elati Arta
Elati Ioannina
Elati Kozani
Elati Trikala

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