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Administrative Region : Ionian Islands
Regional unit : Lefkada

Apollonioi (Απολλωνίων) is a municipality on the island of Lefkada, Greece. Population 3235 (2001). The seat of the municipality is in Vasiliki.

Porto Katsiki

Apollonion, Lefkada Satellite image

Division of the municipality


Vasiliki is a known seaside village of Lefkada, (38°37'44 N, 20°36'34 O) , population 431 (2001). It is a seat of the Apollonion municipality. It is a ideal place for windsurfing in the summer.

Agios Ilias

Agios Ilias (38°41'22 N, 20°38'44 O) is a small mountain village (620 m), population 158 (2001)

Agios Petros

Agios Petros (38°39'58 N, 20°36'7 E) is on Mount Elati (at 350 m), population 578 (2001), c. 6 km from the village Vasiliki


Athani (old form Athanion) is a small village with a population of 203 (2001). In the 14 century it was called Azani. The population were Italians, in 1490 jews from Spain found a new homeland in Athani. The near beach of Porto Katsiki is a very popular place in the summer in Lefkada

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