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Pieter van Avont

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Pieter van Avont, also Peeter van Avont, (1600–1652) was a Flemish painter, draughtsman and printmaker during the Baroque era.


van Avont was baptized 14 January 1600 in Mechelen, Flanders and died on 1 November 1652 in Deurne, Flanders.

Van Avont painted together with Jan Brueghel the Elder, David Vinckboons, Lucas van Uden and Jan Wildens among others.

Around 1622/3, he became master of the Guild of Saint Luke in Antwerp and became a citizen of that city in 1631. He died in 1652.[1]

Frans Wouters was apprenticed to Pieter van Avont in 1629 but Wouters broke his contract to move to the workshop of Rubens[2] in 1634.



Flora im Garten Blumen und Bäume, with Jan Brueghel the Elder, copper engraving, 70 × 47 cm, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Gemäldegalerie, Vienna, Austria [1]
Heilige Familie in einem Blumen- und Früchtekranz with Jan Brueghel the Elder, c. 1623, oil on panel, 93,5 × 72 cm, Alte Pinakothek, Munich, Germany (pictured)
Kruisafneming naar Rubens 1641, Sint-Gertrudiskerk Vorst-Laakdal, oil on canvas, 177 x 144 cm.
Maria Hemelvaart 1642, Sint-Gertrudiskerk Vorst-Laakdal, oil on canvas, 174 x 133 cm.

van Avont has paintings in public collections including four in the United Kingdom.[1]
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