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Mavrocordatos (also Mavrocordato, Mavrokordatos, Mavrocordat or Mavrogordato; Greek: Μαυροκορδάτος) was the name of a family of Phanariot Greeks, distinguished in the history of the Ottoman Empire, Wallachia, Moldavia, and modern Greece. The family – whose members were given a status equal to a Prince of the Holy Roman Empire and later became hospodars – was founded by a late-Byzantine noble (and merchant) of Chios.

Notable members of the family were:

Alexander Mavrocordatos - son of the founder, styled "Serene Highness" (1699) by Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor

Nicholas Mavrocordatos - Alexander's son

Constantine Mavrocordatos - Nicholas's son

Alexandros Mavrokordatos - grandson of Constantine's younger half-brother

John Mavrocordatos - Nicholas's son

Alexandra Mavrokordatou - unclear relation


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