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In Greek mythology Linus (Greek: Λῖνος Linos) refers to the musical refers to Any of three sons of Apollo from Greek mythology:

  • Son of Apollo and Urania, he was killed by Apollo during a contest.
  • Son of Apollo and Psamathe, whose father was the King of Argos. She feared her father and gave the infant Linus to shepherds to raise. He was torn apart by dogs after reaching adulthood and Psamathe was killed by her father, for which Apollo sent a child-killing plague to Argos.

  • In Greek mythology Linus (Greek: Λῖνος Linos) refers to the musical son of Oeagrus,[1][2][3] nominally Apollo, and the Muse Calliope.[4] As the son of Apollo and a Muse, either Calliope or Terpsichore, he is considered the inventor of melody and rhythm.[5] Linus taught music to his brother Orpheus [6] and then to Heracles. Linus went to Thebes and became a Theban.[7] According to a legend, he wrote the story of Dionysus and of the other mythical legends in Pelasgic writing.[8] His life was ended by Heracles, who killed Linus with his own lyre after he reprimanded Heracles for making errors.

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