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Dionysos fighting a Giant

The Gigantomachy was a great battle in Greek mythology fought between the Olympian gods and the Gigantes, children of Ge (the primordial Earth mother), who rose up in arms against the Olympians in an attempt to end the Olympian reign.

This battle happened some time after the Titanomachy, a fierce struggle between the upstart Olympians and their older predecessors, the Titans (who would lose the battle and succumb to the younger Olympians). In the Gigantomachy, however, the Olympians were already in power when the Gigantes rose to challenge them. With the aid of their powerful weapons and Hercules, the Olympians defeated the Gigantes and quelled the rebellion, confirming their reign over the earth, sea, and heaven.


Poseidon and Polybotes, Louvre F226

Poseidon throws a giant part of Kos against Polybotes. From this part the island Nisyros is formed

The Gigantomachy was interpreted even in ancient times as a kind of indirect "revenge of the Titans" (the elder race of Gods) upon the Olympians, as the Gigantes' reign would have been in some fashion a restoration of the age of the Titans.

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