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Gegeneis (Γηγενεῖς) epithet of giants, giants with six arms, opponents of the Argonauts

Gegeneis (ancient Greek Γηγενεῖς, earth-born, also Gegeines') is the epithet of some giants and related gigantic beings in Greek mythology, such as the aloids and Spartoi , Argus, Orion and Typhon [ 4]. Aristophanes already referred to the giants in general as Gegeneis. Diodor connects the epithet of the giants with their gigantic size. In the Argonautica of the Greek poet Apollonius of Rhodes they experienced a special expression.

Myth with Apollonius

In search of the Golden Fleece, Jason and his Argonauts went ashore on a peninsula in the Propontis, known as the “Dindymon”. This belonged to the realm of King Kyzikos, ruler of the Doliones. However, uncivilized six-armed giants, called Gegeneis, also lived there.

Meanwhile the Argonauts met the Doliones, who received them kindly and invited them to the feast. The next morning Jason and some of his men climbed Mount Dindymon to plan their onward journey. In the meantime, the remaining Argonauts pulled the Argo from the first landing site to the port of Kyzikos. Once there, they were attacked by the Earthborn. They hurled huge masses of rock and blocked the exit of the port. Thereupon the Argonauts, Heracles himself with a bow and arrow, attacked the monsters and cut some down. The Gegeneis answered and, spurred on by Hera (as a further challenge, Heracles ’), threw rocks at the followers of Jason. This returned with the rest of his men from the reconnaissance tour and also went into battle. Despite incessant counter-attacks, the giants were defeated and the Argonauts started their onward journey.

Roscher 1,1606-1608.

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