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A partial list of the Children of Heracles and their mothers. Often the authors disagree on the names and numbers.

Children (mother)

  • Thattalus (Chalciope, daughter of Eurypylus) Apollodorus 2.7.8
  • Thestalus (Epicaste, daughter of Augeas) Apollodorus 2.7.8
  • Everes (Parthenope daughter of Stymphalus) Apollodorus 2.7.8
  • Telephus (Auge, daughter of Aleus) Apollodorus 2.7.4, 3.9.1
  • Tlepolemus (Astyoche, daughter of Phylas) Apollodorus, Epitome III.13
  • Thessalus (?) Homer, Iliad 2.678
  • Hyllus, Ctesippus, Glenus, and Odites ( Deianira, daughter of Oeneus) Catalogues of Women frag. 98
  • Therimachus, Deicoon, and Creonitiades, ( Megara, daughter of Creon)
  • Agelaus according to Apollodorus (2.7.8) or Lamos according to Diod. Siculus 4.31.8 and Ovid Heroides 9.54 (Omphale)
  • Ctesippus (Astydameia, daughter of Amyntor) Diodorus Siculus 4.37.4
  • Palaemon (Autonoe, daughter of Pireus) Apollodorus 2.7.8
  • Hyllus (Melite) according to Apollonius Rhodius, Argonautica 4.538
  • Echephron and Promachus (Psophis, daughter of Eryx) Pausanias 8.24.2, 8.27.2
  • Aechmagoras (Phialo, daughter of Alcimedon) Pausanias 8.12.2

Children in Olympus after his "death"

  • Alexiares and Anicetus (Hebe, daughter of Hera) (Apollodorus 2.7.7)

The Daughters of Thespius (and wifes of Heracles), Gustave Moraeu

Children with the daughters of Thespius (Apollodorus 2.7.8)

  • Antiades (Aglaia)
  • ? (Anthea)
  • Cleolaus (Argele)
  • Hippodromus (Anthippe)
  • Astyanax (Epilais)
  • Eurypylus (Eubote)
  • Iobes (Certhe)
  • Onesippus (Chryseis)
  • Eurycapys (Clytippe)
  • Polylaus (Eurybia)
  • Eumedes (Lyse)
  • Teles (Lysidice)
  • Laomedon (Meline)
  • Entelides (Menippis)
  • Laomenes (Oria)
  • Threpsippas (Panope)
  • Archemachus (Patro)
  • The Twins Antileon and Hippeus (Procris)
  • Creon (?)
  • Teleutagoras (?)
  • Capylus (Hippo)
  • Olympus (Euboea)
  • Nicodromus (Nice)
  • Eurythras ( Exole)
  • Homolippus ( Xanthis)
  • Atromus (Stratonice)
  • Celeustanor (Iphis)
  • Antiphus (Laothoe)
  • Alopius (Antiope)
  • Astybies (Calametis)
  • Tigasis (Phyleis)
  • Leucones (Aeschreis)
  • Archedicus ( Eurypyle)
  • Dynastes (Erato)
  • Mentor ( Asopis)
  • Amestrius (Eone)
  • Lyncaeus (Tiphyse)
  • Halocrates (Olympusa)
  • Phalias (Heliconis)
  • Oestrobles (Hesychia)
  • Euryopes (Terpsicrate)
  • Buleus (Elachia)
  • Antimachus (Nicippe )
  • Patroclus (Pyrippe)
  • Nephus (Praxithea)
  • Erasippus (Lysippe)
  • Lycurgus (Toxicrate)
  • Bucolus (Marse)
  • Leucippus (Eurytele)
  • Hippozygus (Hippocrate).

Tlepolemus, son of Hercules, a huge brave man, 
led nine ships of courageous troops, men from Rhodes,   
split into three divisions: from Lindus, Ialysus,   
and chalky Cameirus—all led by Tlepolemus,    
famous spearman, born to Astyocheia 
, Iliad Book 2  

And he had sons by the daughters of Thespius, to wit: by Procris he had Antileon and Hippeus( for the eldest daughter bore twins); by Panope he had Threpsippas; by Lyse he had Eumedes; ... he had Creon; by Epilais he had Astyanax; by Certhe he had Iobes; by Eurybia he had Polylaus; by Patro he had Archemachus; by Meline he had Laomedon; by Clytippe he had Eurycapys; by Eubote he had Eurypylus; by Aglaia he had Antiades; by Chryseis he had Onesippus; by Oriahe had Laomenes; by Lysidice he had Teles; by Menippis he had Entelides; by Anthippe he had Hippodromus; by Eury ... he had Teleutagoras; by Hippo he had Capylus; by Euboea he had Olympus; by Nice he had Nicodromus; by Argele he had Cleolaus; by Exole he had Erythras; by Xanthis he had Homolippus; by Stratonice he had Atromus; by Iphis he had Celeustanor; by Laothoe he had Antiphus; by Antiope he had Alopius; by Calametis he had Astybies; by Phyleis he had Tigasis, by Aeschreis he had Leucones; by Anthea ... ; by Eurypyle he had Archedicus; by Erato he had Dynastes; by Asopis he had Mentor; by Eone he had Amestrius; by Tiphyse he had Lyncaeus; by Olympusa he had Halocrates; by Heliconis he had Phalias; by Hesychia he had Oestrobles; by Terpsicrate he had Euryopes; by Elachia he had Buleus; by Nicippe he had Antimachus; by Pyrippehe had Patroclus; by Praxithea he had Nephus; by Lysippe he had Erasippus; by Toxicrate he had Lycurgus; by Marse he had Bucolus; by Eurytele he had Leucippus; by Hippocrate he had Hippozygus. These he had by the daughters of Thespius. And he had sons by other women: by Deianira, daughter of Oeneus, he had Hyllus, Ctesippus, Glenus and Onites; by Megara, daughter of Creon, he had Therimachus, Deicoon, and Creontiades;3 by Omphale he had Agelaus, from whom the family of Croesus was descended, by Chalciope, daughter of Eurypylus, he had Thettalus; by Epicaste, daughter of Augeas, he had Thestalus; by Parthenope, daughter of Stymphalus, he had Everes; by Auge, daughter of Aleus, he had Telephus; by Astyoche, daughter of Phylas, he had Tlepolemus; by Astydamia, daughter of Amyntor, he had Ctesippus; by Autonoe, daughter of Pireus, he had Palaemon.

Apollodorus, Library and Epitome 2.7.8

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