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Tymfristos or Timfristos (Greek: Τυμφρηστός) is a mountain in the eastern part of the Evrytania and the westernmost Phthiotis prefectures. The mountain is a part of the Pindus mountain range. Its maximum elevation is 2,315 m. The GR-38 passes to the south and since the early-2000s, the Tymfristos Tunnel which is 1.4 km long runs to the south as well as the mountain curves. Its length is approximately 30 km and its width is approximately 15 to 20 km. The Spercheios River runs to the east and the Megdova to the west. The mountain name receives its name to a municipality.

Nearest places

Agios Georgios Tymfristos, east
Tymfristos, southeast
Karpenisi, southwest
Domnianoi, northwest
Agia Triada, north


Forests dominate the low lying areas of the mountain, grasslands, bushes and unvegetated portions dominate the higher elevations. The area around the mountain contains villages, a skiing centre and mountainous and forest roads.

Its panorama includes the nearby mountains the eastern, the central and the southern part of Evrytania as well as the western part of Phthiotis. It offers a view of the nearby mountain ranges of Vardousia to the south, Panaitoliko to the southwest. Tymfristos also offers a view of the western part of the Spercheios valley.

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