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Mount Oiti (Greek Wikipedia Image)

Oeta or Oiti or Iti s a mountain to the south of Thessaly, in Greece, forming a boundary between the valleys of the Spercheius and the Boeotian Cephissus. It is an offshoot of the Pindus range, 2100 m high. In its eastern portion, called Callidromus (today Kallidromo), it comes close to the sea, leaving only a narrow passage known as the famous pass of Thermopylae. There was also a high pass to the west of Kallidromo leading over into the upper Cephissus valley. In mythology Oeta is chiefly celebrated as the scene of the funeral pyre on which Heracles burnt himself (some sources say with the help of Philoctetes) before his admission to Olympus.

Heracles burning on Mount Oeta

The Pyre of Heracles

Monastery Agathonos on Oiti founded the 12th century W of Ypati (Greek Wikipedia Image)


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