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Giona or Gkiona (Greek: Γκιώνα) is a mountain in Central Greece, in the prefecture of Phocis, located between the mountains of Parnassus and Vardousia. It was known as the Aselinon Oros (Greek: Ασέληνον όρος} during the Ancient times. It is the highest mountain south of Olympus and the 5th overall in Greece. Pyramida is its highest peak at 2,510 meters.

Nearest places

  • Athanasios Diakos, northwest
  • Kalliskopi, north
  • Kastelli, northeast


It is the place where the Mornos river begins to flow.

Other mountains of the mountain ranges includes the Perdika (Πέρδικα, 2,484 m), Tragonoros (Τραγονόρος, 2,456 m), Platyvouna or Plativouna (Πλατυβούνα, 2,316 m), Profitis Ilias (Προφήτης Ηλίας, 2,298 m), Kastro (Κάστρο, 2,176 m), Vraila (Βράϊλα, 2,177 m), Paliovouni (Παλιοβούνι, 2,122 m), Pyrgos (Πύργος, 2,066 m), Lyritsa (Λυρίτσα, 2,007 m), Botsikas (Μπότσικας, 1,945 m), Kokkinari (Κοκκινάρι, 1,908 m), Tychioni (Τυχιούνι, 1,842) and another Profitis Ilias (Προφήτης Ηλίας, 1,806 m)


Its panorama includes the nearby mountains including the Vardousia to the west, the southern Phthiotida including the Spercheios valley and Malian Gulf, rarely seen thouth, the Kallidromo and the Parnassos mountains to the east and the Amfissa Valley and Crisean Gulf to the south and it rarely offers a view of the Gulf of Corinth.


Elevation 2,510 m

Location Phocis

Pronunciation [Gjona]

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