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Avdimou (Greek : Αυδήμου ) is a community of the District of Limassol

Avdimou is a small village on the south coast of Cyprus, lying partly within the British Overseas Territory of Akrotiri and Dhekelia. Up to 1974 it was inhabited by a majority of Turkish-Cypriots, however, following the Turkish invasion the Turkish Cypriot residents were forcibly evacuated to the North. Greek Cypriot refugees from the North replaced the Turkish residents.

Historically agriculture was the main source of income for the village (namely the local vine, olive and carob plantations). However, recently younger generations are switching to white collar employment in the nearby city of Limassol.

Year Population


1960 912
1982 700
1992 637
2001 614

Avdimou, Cyprus

Avdimou, Photo : Augusta Stylianou Artist

Kafeneion in Avdimou with pumpkins decoration. When they get dry they are cut off the top and used like bottles. Photos : Augusta Stylianou Artist

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Avdimou, Cyprus


Community Council President: Modestis Flourentzou

Website: http://www.avdimou.org.cy

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