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The following list shows different orders of magnitude of entropy.

Factor (J K−1) Value Item
10−24 9.5699×10−24 J K−1 Entropy equivalent of one bit of information, equal to k times ln(2)[1]
10−23 1.381×10−23 Planck entropy
1 5.74 J K−1 Standard entropy of 1 mole of graphite[2]
1033 ≈ 1035 J K−1 Entropy of the Sun (given as ≈ 1042 erg K−1 in Bekenstein (1973))[3]
1054 1.5 × 1054 J K−1 Entropy of a black hole of one solar mass (given as ≈ 1060 erg K−1 in Bekenstein (1973))[3]
1081 4.3 × 1081 J K−1 One estimate of the theoretical maximum entropy of the universe[4][5]

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Calculated: 3.1e104 * k = 3.1e104 * 1.381e-23 J/K = 4.3e81 J/K


Orders of magnitude

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