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The Ohnesorge number (Oh) is a dimensionless number that relates the viscous forces to inertial and surface tension forces. The number was defined by Wolfgang von Ohnesorge in his 1936 doctoral thesis.[1]

It is defined as:

\( {\mathrm {Oh}}={\frac {\mu }{{\sqrt {\rho \sigma L}}}}={\frac {{\sqrt {{\mathrm {We}}}}}{{\mathrm {Re}}}}\sim {\frac {{\mbox{viscous forces}}}{{\sqrt {{{\mbox{inertia}}}\cdot {{\mbox{surface tension}}}}}}} \)


μ is the dynamic viscosity of the liquid
ρ is the density of the liquid
σ is the surface tension
L is the characteristic length scale (typically drop diameter)
Re is the Reynolds number
We is the Weber number


The Ohnesorge number for a 3 mm diameter rain drop is typically ~0.002. Larger Ohnesorge numbers indicate a greater influence of the viscosity.

This is often used to relate to free surface fluid dynamics such as dispersion of liquids in gases and in spray technology.[2][3]

In inkjet printing, liquids whose Ohnesorge number is less than 1 and greater than 0.1 are jettable (1<Z<10 where Z is the reciprocal of the Ohnesorge number).[1][4]
See also

Laplace number - There is an inverse relationship, \( {\mathrm {Oh}}=1/{\sqrt {{\mathrm {La}}}} \), between the Laplace number and the Ohnesorge number. It is more historically correct to use the Ohnesorge number, but often mathematically neater to use the Laplace number.


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