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In mathematics, the Mostow–Palais theorem is an equivariant version of the Whitney embedding theorem. It states that if a manifold is acted on by a compact Lie group with finitely many orbit types, then it can be embedded into some finite-dimensional orthogonal representation. It was introduced by Mostow (1957) and Palais (1957).


Mostow, George D. (1957), "Equivariant embeddings in Euclidean space", Annals of Mathematics, Second Series, 65: 432–446, doi:10.2307/1970055, ISSN 0003-486X, JSTOR 1970055, MR 0087037
Palais, Richard S. (1957), "Imbedding of compact, differentiable transformation groups in orthogonal representations", Journal of Mathematics and Mechanics, 6: 673–678, doi:10.1512/iumj.1957.6.56037, MR 0092927

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