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In algebra, the Milnor–Moore theorem, introduced by John W. Milnor and John C. Moore (1965), states: given a connected, graded, cocommutative Hopf algebra A over a field of characteristic zero with \( \dim A_n < \infty \)for all n, the natural Hopf algebra homomorphism

\( U(P(A)) \to A \)

from the universal enveloping algebra of the graded Lie algebra P(A) of primitive elements of A to A is an isomorphism. (The universal enveloping algebra of a graded Lie algebra L is the quotient of the tensor algebra of L by the two-sided ideal generated by all elements of the form \( {\displaystyle xy-yx-(-1)^{|x||y|}[x,y]} \).)

In algebraic topology, the term usually refers to the corollary of the aforementioned result, that for a pointed, simply connected space X, the following isomorphism holds:

\( {\displaystyle U(\pi _{\ast }(\Omega X)\otimes \mathbb {Q} )\cong H_{\ast }(\Omega X;\mathbb {Q} ),} \)

where \( \Omega X \) denotes the loop space of X, compare with Theorem 21.5 from (Félix, Halperin & Thomas 2001). This work may also be compared with that of (Halpern 1958).


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