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The Michael Brin Prize in Dynamical Systems, abbreviated as the Brin Prize, is awarded to mathematicians who have made outstanding advances in the field of dynamical systems and are within 14 years of their PhD.[1] The prize is endowed by and named after Michael Brin,[1] whose son Sergey Brin,[2] is a co-founder of Google. Michael Brin is a retired mathematician at the University of Maryland and a specialist in dynamical systems.[3]

The first prize was awarded in 2008, between 2009 and 2017 it has been awarded bi-annually, and since 2017 annually. Artur Avila, the 2011 awardee, went on to win the Fields Medal in 2014.[4]

Past winners

2008 : Giovanni Forni for his work on area-preserving flows.[5][6][7]
2009 : Dmitry Dolgopyat for his work on rapid mixing of flows.[8][9][10][11]
2011 : Artur Avila for his work on Teichmüller dynamics and interval-exchange transformations.[12][13][14]
2013 : Omri Sarig for his work on the thermodynamics of countable Markov shifts.[15][16][17]
2015 : Federico Rodriguez Hertz for his work on geometric and measure rigidity and on stable ergodicity of partially hyperbolic systems.[18][19][20]
2017 : Lewis Bowen for creation of entropy theory for a broad class of non-amenable groups and solution of the long standing isomorphism problem for Bernoulli actions of such groups.
2018 : Mike Hochman for his work in ergodic theory and fractal geometry.
2019 : Sébastien Gouëzel for his work on the spectral theory of transfer operators and statistical properties of hyperbolic dynamical systems and random walks on hyperbolic groups.
2020 : Corinna Ulcigrai for her work on the ergodic theory of locally Hamiltonian flows on surfaces and translation flows on periodic surfaces.

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