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In the mathematical field of graph theory, the Meringer graph is a 5-regular undirected graph with 30 vertices and 75 edges named after Markus Meringer.[1][2]

Meringer graph

It is one of the four (5,5)-cage graphs, the others being the Foster cage, the Robertson–Wegner graph, and the Wong graph.

It has chromatic number 3, diameter 3, and is 5-vertex-connected.

Algebraic properties

The characteristic polynomial of the Meringer graph is

\( {\displaystyle (x-5)(x-2)^{9}x(x+2)^{3}(x+3)^{2}(x^{2}+x-4)^{3}(x^{2}+2x-2)^{4}.} \)


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