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Mark Vishik started his seminar at Moscow State University in the spring of 1961, at the suggestion of I. M. Gelfand. The seminar ran on Mondays in Room 13-06 of the main building of Moscow State University, starting at 18:00 (initially at 16:00) and lasting for several hours. It featured talks of many world class mathematicians from Russia, France, and other countries. Traditionally, the speakers of the seminars were guests at M. I. Vishik's apartment on the Sunday night, before the seminar. The seminar ran for more than 50 years, until Mark Vishik's death in June 2012.[1] [2] [3] [4]

Mark Iosifovich considered this seminar one of the main achievements of his life. This seminar collected the color of the mathematical community, and speaking at its meetings was considered a great honour. [5]

Talks during the last, 2011–2012 academic year

Claude Bardos: About incompressible Euler limit of solutions of Navier—Stokes and Boltzmann equation in the presence of boundary effects. September 19
Andrey Delitsyn: Boundary and spectral problems for the Maxwell system in a cylinder. October 3
Alexey Ilyin: Lieb—Thirring inequalities on manifolds. October 10
Andrey Muravnik: Integral representations and qualitative properties of solutions to functional-differential parabolic equations. October 17
Vladimir Chepyzhov: On the minimal approach in the theory of global attractors. October 24, 31
Alexander Komech: Einstein's laws for photoeffect: results and problems. November 7
Vsevolod Sakbaev: On dynamics of a quantum system with a degenerate Hamiltonian. November 14
Alexander Skubachevsky: Vlasov equations in half-space. November 21
Vladimir Vlasov: On some boundary value problems in complex domains. November 28
Vladimir Chepyzhov: Trajectory attractor in the strong topology for dissipative 2D Euler system. February 27
Vsevolod Sakbaev: On the averaging of the set of limiting points of divergent sequence of semigroups. March 5
Pavel Gurevich: Reaction-diffusion equation with hysteresis. March 12
Natalia Chalkina: Inertial manifolds and the spectral gap condition for hyperbolic equations with dissipation. March 19
Andrey Fursikov: Parabolic system of normal type, corresponding to the Navier—Stokes system. March 26
Valery Imaikin: Method of the symplectic projection for the derivation of solitary asymptotics of solutions of partial differential equations. April 2
Mikhail Agranovich: Remarks on strongly elliptic systems in Lipschitz domains. April 9
Isabelle Gallagher (Paris): Some recent mathematical results on equatorial waves. April 16
Sergey Dobrokhotov: Asymptotics of the solutions to the Cauchy problem for the 2D wave equation describing waves, generated by localized sources and trapped by underwater ridges (joint with D.A. Lozhnikov). April 23

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