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In mathematical morphology, the h-maxima transform is a morphological operation used to filter local maxima of an image based on local contrast information. First all local maxima are defined as connected pixels in a given neighborhood with intensity level greater than pixels outside the neighborhood. Second, all local maxima that have height v f lower or equal to a given threshold are suppressed. The height f of the remaining maxima is decreased by h.

The h-maxima transform is defined as the reconstruction by dilation of f from \( {\displaystyle f-h}: \)

\( {\displaystyle \operatorname {HMAX} _{h}(f)=R_{f}^{\delta }(f-h)} \)


Soille, P., "Morphological Image Analysis: Principles and Applications" (Chapter 6), 2nd edition (2003), ISBN 3540429883.

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