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Hegarty Maths is an educational subscription tool used by schools in the United Kingdom. It is sometimes used as a replacement for general mathematics homework tasks.[2] Its creator, Colin Hegarty, was the UK Teacher of the Year in 2015 and shortlisted for the Varkey Foundation's Global Teacher Prize in 2016.[3]


Hegarty Maths covers a variety of topics and has over 900 tasks to complete. A task includes an educational video with an explaination and examples on the topic. Afterwards, there is a quiz to complete, containing topic specific questions. The site is regularly updated and more topics added to keep up with the GCSE mathematics curriculum. Students can complete tasks by themselves, or teachers can assign these tasks to students to complete as homework or for revision purposes and then track the student's progress.[4]

Hegarty Maths was created by co-founders and teachers Colin Hegarty and Brian Arnold. In 2011 they started making YouTube Maths videos to support their own classes with their maths homework and revision. Since the videos were freely available on YouTube, students from all over the country and the world started using the videos too. In 2012, Colin won £15,000 of funding from education charity SHINE, through its Let Teachers SHINE competition, to make a website to host the videos and make more content. The original website, launched on the 12th July 2013, was called but then in February 2016, a new site was launched: Hegarty Maths. is still accessible and contains free maths videos to assist students in revision. In 2019, Colin sold Hegarty Maths to Sparx, which sells revision GCSE packages. It was sold for an undisclosed sum. Colin became part of the leadership team for Sparx and continued to lead HegartyMaths.[5][6][7]
Colin Hegarty
Early Life

Between 1992 and 2000, Colin attended the London Oratory School, obtaining 11 A*s and 1 A in his GCSEs and 4 A's in his As-Level exams.[8]

Colin attended the University of Oxford between 2000 and 2003 and was the first person in his family to do so. After receiving his first class degree in Mathematics from Oxford, he worked at Deloitte as an International Tax Manager, until August 2009.[8] It was during this time that he said he "always felt the urge to fulfill a radically different ambition [as a teacher]".

Afterwards, he left his job at Deloitte and took a £40,000 pay cut to become a teacher. He trained as a Teacher of Maths and from November 2011 until September 2013, he worked at Queensmead School as the Deputy Head of the Maths department. As of May 2013, he works as an Advanced Skills Teacher of Maths at Preston Manor School. [8] He began making online videos as one of his students had to leave the country with his terminally ill father, and Colin was concerned about him falling behind in his A levels. Colin eventually left his post as a teacher to develop the website further.

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