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Cabot, John and Sebastian

Cabral, Pedro

Calle Bodegones, Lima Peru

Calvé, Emma

Canrobert , François Certain

Carnegie , Andrew

Carnot, Marie François Sadi


Cartier, Jacques

Cartier, Jacques at the Huron village of Hochelega (Montreal)

Carver, Jonathan

Cb Confidence

Cervantes Miguel De

Chachai Falls (Chichai) in Rewa district , Madhya Pradesh, India

Chaille-Long, Charles


Chapman, George

Charlemagne, Portrait of

Charlemagne receiving the Oath of Fidelity and Homage

Charles, eldest Son of King Pepin

Charlevoix, Pierre-Francois-Xavier de

Chatterton, Thomas

Chaucer, Geoffrey

Chavannes , Pierre Puvis de

Chevreul, Michel Eugène

Chief Bear Ghost

Chief Bull Snake

Chief Koon-Ka-Za-Chy Addressing the Council

Chief Plenty Coups Addressing the Council

Chief Pretty Voice Eagle

Chief Running Bird

Chief Running Fisher

Chief Runs the Enemy

Chief Tin-Tin-Meet-Sa

Chief Two Moons Addressing the Council

Chief Umapine

Chief White Horse

Chinese wall

Chouteau, Auguste Pierre

Chouteau, Rene Auguste

Churchill, Lady Randolph

Churchill Randolph , Lord

CIA Headquarters, Virginia

Cladel, Leon

Clapperton, Hugh

Clark, William and his men building huts

Classica, Ship

Clay, Cassius

Clemenceau , Georges Benjamin

Clésinger , Auguste

Clyman, Jim


Cochabamba. The main square

Coimbra, Modego River, Portugal

Coimbra, Portugal

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor

Collins, Wilkie

Colonne , Édouard

Colosseum, view from Via Sacra

Columbus, Christopher

Columbus, Christopher. The landing of .. , John Vanderlyn

Cook, James

Cooke, Jay

Coppée, François Edouard Joachim

Coquelin, Benoît Constant

Coronado, Francisco Vasquez de

Corot, Jean-Baptiste Camille

Cortès Ferdinand

Cortès at the Battle of Otumba.

Cortès receives provisions, clothing, a little gold, and twenty female slaves.

Cortez, Hernan

Costumes of the Franks from the Fourth to the Eighth Centuries

Costumes of Roman Soldiers

Costumes of Slaves or Serfs, from the Sixth to the Twelfth Centuries

Courbet, Gustave

Cowper, William

Cristina, Teresa of the Two Sicilies

Cros, Charles

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